5 Things That Annoy Every Gamer Or Should Know

July 18, 2017

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I know that post have been very scarce lately. I am making this post as a little treat for you guys till I get back. I will be gone most of this week too and I will make sure to post on Saturday.


As we all know, gamers are apart of an in dept world that most people aren’t in. There are know-hows and things that “regular people” don’t understand. Just to add as a side note, gamers aren’t just people who play Iphone games, seriously. There are hardcore gamers and softcore gamers and all different types who put themselves into imaginary boxes so they can feel loved into one group. Simply, there are things that all gamers of all types really know about and if you don’t well that’s what I’m here for.


#5. The Legend Of Zelda

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This is a big thing throughout most of gaming history, and most “outsiders” mess this up. The name of the game is indeed “The Legend Of Zelda”, but that doesn’t mean it’s the main protagonists name. Everytime I play, “Is that Zelda!” and you always have to say “No, that’s LINK.” It’s simple if you actually play the game. Zelda is the princess and Link is the protagonist who saves her.




#4. GTA V Violence


That common phrase “If you play too many video games, your brain will rot or you’ll go crazy.” There was a time that many news outlets talked down on games for their violence. Many would say that games create killers and crazy criminals.

Many gamers would say that if your crazy, your crazy even after playing a video game. Granted, I will admit that games similar to GTA V will get you accustomed to violent situations and create slight desensitization. Gamers don’t create killers.

#3 . Games Are Extremely Large in Size


This is something that every gamer knows about, but do you realize how much games have changed over the years. Games used to be less than 1 GB and now we need 60 to 120 GB. I have a 2 TB computer and my games take up 1 TB. That is so Insane. Games are getting more graphic intensive and the quality is off the roof.



I just hope that instead of games getting bigger and us accommodating, they would get smaller and still have more quality. There is obviously some genius out there who can utilize space and still make a game like GTA V go from 60 GB to 5 GB, Who knows?


#2. Console Games Have Different Disc


Yes, this is blatantly obvious, but this really annoys gamers. People who don’t play games and especially parents don’t get that PS4 games don’t work with PS2 games. “They’re games, so it should work. Companies make games for their respective consoles. It’s such simple knowledge if you’re invested in this world. When birthday comes around, let them know.

#1. Konami Code


This is really a niche subject nowadays, but ┬áback in the day people had to use cheat codes to access certain functionalities. In this case, its Contra. In order to get 30 Lives you have to initiate a special code and that code is Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. This code isn’t just used in Contra.



This code was used for many games in that day to get certain things. This code is very common among gamers, but if you didn’t know it now you do.

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