7 Things PC Gamers Do Differently

June 29, 2017

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Have you ever wondered, “PC gamers do a lot of things different than Console gamers?” I have and it’s a question that most people bring up through notions and “internet shitpost.” As a heads up, this post will be more controversial so why not get controversial in the comments? All of these pointers are based on my experience playing with both console and PC gamers and this is just for fun.


#1. Single-player Experience


Nowadays, I’ve noticed that PC gamers and Console gamers have a different playing experience. PC gamers actually take the time to play a game for its story and would play a game by themselves with no one else. Half-life a wonderful game and revolutionized FPS games is played by mostly PC gamers.

If you ask a console gamer about it they would tilt their head like they have never seen such a thing. Granted, when the game was released there were console versions and people played them, but as of today many people on PC compared to Console play single-player games. It seems like PC gamers take the time to enjoy and has the patience to sit down and play a good single-player game.


#2. Game Genre’s


In my personal opinion, PC gamer’s are more willing to branch into other genres. Most Console gamers dwell into constant FPS games and anything else would be dusty on the shelf or less popular than others. PC games have a wide variety of genres and I feel as if people are willing to play them.

Instead of just playing  Call of Duty, you can play Overwatch or Dead Cells, even League. There are MOBAS, Card Games, Open World Adventures, RPG games, Indie Games, etc. When these games get onto the console market it seems as if the interest just isn’t there.

#3. Patience


PC gamers already have a certain amount of patience from the start. Games for the PC require lots of power and to do that you need a Gaming PC. Most people build their own, now there are those people who buy one, but those people aren’t as common since most people have deep interest in what they have.

If you want better specs, better frame rates, better graphics, you would want to see how to do that. That requires building. That patience can transcend into game-play, the player is willing to use keyboard and mouse controls, wait for cut-scenes, or even play games that are slower and not super action packed.

This is based on preconceived notions, but most console players that I’ve seen, they don’t have much patience for video games and it makes sense. All you do is go out and buy a pre-built console you can’t even edit. Added onto that, the software is designed to be as simple as possible for the player and very basic. I like my console games, but I just see that as a difference.


#4. Multi-Player Experience


Personally, I like to play multiplayer games on console. The feeling of playing on your TV and hearing people on your chat seems more personal. Then, once you friend them you can talk more. Playing on PC seems more alienated. I get that feeling as if everyone else sucks and i’m just really good even though I don’t even know them.

If you want a better multi-player experience you have to Skype call them or create a big bond. On console, you can easily create friends and it’s kinda scary. Console can be toxic but also very friendly. On PC, its like everyone is playing single-player with bots. The other players are real people, but you treat them as bots and you’re in your own little world. That’s a big downside for me when it comes to Multiplayer PC gaming.

#5. Competition


This is completely separate from console gaming, but I have to talk about  this epidemic. Snooty people and their gaming rigs. I have a Gaming PC a pretty decent one, but there will always be a person on the internet that will tell you how sh*t it is. A huge epidemic in PC gaming is snooty competition. “I have a GTX 1080 and you only have a 950 because you cant afford better” and “Your computer sucks, buy more [Insert Product].” I play on PC for the experience and the game-play, if I get decent enough frames I am A-Okay.

There is a constant competition on whether they have better graphics cards than someone else or if they can benchmark this or that. If the games I want to play can’t support my graphics card, I will buy a new one when I can. Mainly, these people are snobby 7 year olds who got a $1,000 gaming PC from their dad, but it still doesn’t dismiss that it’s stupid. Simply, Live Hard and Game Strong. This is Interest and I’m Out!


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