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July 25, 2017

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Have you ever wondered, “Hey can I play Breath of The Wild Multiplayer?!” I haven’t, but here is to someone who had an idea and made it a living reality.




The saddening thing is that there isn’t much to be said about who indeed created the mod, but the person who gave us a beautiful gift should be proud. It seems to be in an experimental phase, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look into it. This mod for Breath of The Wild is obviously on the PC there aren’t very many modifications that can be done on the Wii U or Switch. The creator used a Wii U emulator to run the game on his PC afterwards they installed the mod that one created and it changes the game forever. The Mod makes it where you can play multiplayer splitscreen in a couch play style.


The interesting thing is awaiting Nintendo’s Response. Nintendo is quite a strict company when it comes to altering of games and putting certain gameplay on media platforms. They even cancelled a previous famous mod or alteration long ago. I wonder if Nintendo doesn’t clap back and let the mod go underway. It seems very unlikely since using emulators on a computer is practically pirating games, but we’ll see.




Overall, this mod is still in experimental mode. In the future we could see a fully polished product and hope that it won’t get taken down like many other projects in the past.

Live Hard and Game Strong. This is Interest and I’m Out!


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