Destiny 2 Is On It’s Way, Here’s Some Information | Pre-Release

July 28, 2017

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Destiny was rather mixed in reviews I suppose and people are still worried if Destiny 2 will be the same. Just as an homage to Destiny 2 releasing, I’m playing Destiny again which you may have seen on Instagram.



Unlike its predecessor, Destiny 2 will be out for PC as well and I sure am glad. I remember when Destiny first came out and I was so hyped thinking it was for PC, it obviously wasn’t. People can now play a really great game on their favorite platform. The Beta as you know will be released soon for Console lovers, but the PC gamers will have to wait till August 28th to get the full use of their pre-order. Pre-ordering Destiny 2 will get you a gauranteed Exotic Weapon which is really great. The Open beta will end of August 31 and the release of the console versions of Destiny 2 is on September 6th.


PC gamers will have to wait longer for their beta and release. Destiny 2 for the PC releases on October 24, more than a month after console. PC gamers are quite used to late releases when a game is originally on console, but this is really bad. Bungie hasn’t been the best in the past at giving players what they really want. Even when they don’t we still comply because we’re all game addicts, me included.



Just so you wont wait 70 days to install the game and then realize you can’t play it here are the specs. Destiny 2 requires GTX 660 or HD 7850 to match with a Core i3 or FX-4350 and 6 GB of RAM to play. If you have anything higher, your fine. If you are a hardcore PC gamer you must have higher specs than this already.


Live Hard and Game Strong. This is Interest and I’m Out!

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