Doomfist Is Now Here | Overwatch Mini-Post

July 28, 2017

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It’s here, the hero we looked at over and over and played on PTR. Doomfist is finally here on Live Servers and here’s a tip, don’t expect Doomfist to be open when people are gonna instalock him.



Doomfist is a highly-mobile, frontline fighter who is quite powerful. He originates from Oyo, Nigeria. He is very much apart of Talon and his motive is for the world and humanity to grow through causing chaos. The main focus of his move-set is close range hand to “gun-hand” combat. This powerful Hero has many moves up his sleeve using detailed and multi-stringed Combos.



That is just a little summary of him and as a surprise, this is part of a script. I will be releasing a video soon on his abilities and tips and tricks for him. If you have looked on Official Interests Instagram : @interest_techblog you may have seen a few sneak peeks. This video may seem late, but I find it perfect. Happy Doomfist Day.

Here is the official video for Doomfist.

Live Hard and Game Strong. This is Interest and I’m Out!

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