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August 20, 2017

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I have to tell you guys about this cool site. I have been “coding” for a long time now and this site is absolutely amazing. Pretty much everything you would want to know is put up in an interactive and captivating way. You can learn Html, CSS, Javascript and way more than merely those. This isn’t meant to be a drastically long post about how great the site is just find out yourself!



If you want to know more about what this site is about and how to get free classes just read and join the link below:


If you don’t want to read about it and just join right away Click Here!

If you click the website and join you will get much more than just classes, you will also get many goodies from me as well. You can get tips and heads up about coding and not only that but,



you can even get 4 free months of my upcoming membership site. *Tip* If the site seems off press ctrl + f5 or ctrl + shift + r! Stay tuned for more cool stuff! This is Interest and I’m Out. Live Hard and Game Strong.


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