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July 1, 2017

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Overwatch has had a new release for Legendary Loot Boxes. This has been out for at least a month, but this deal should be ending quite soon. In short, If you have Twitch Prime which is acquired by having Amazon Prime or simply buying it, you can get a loot box that will guarantee you a legendary skin or item. There is more, if you have twitch prime still you can get 10 free loot boxes as well. The 10 free loot boxes are given in a span of 2 months, August and October.


I seem to have questions about this. This deal is very straightforward, but I look deeper. Twitch as of recently is very involved in so many things. Twitch is now having their first twitch-con and now they have their own service. Amazon is also a big backer in all of these programs. I may be looking to hard into it, but it’s just interesting. Anyway, if you want  to get your loot boxes go here so you can fill out the proper information to get amazon prime and twitch prime.

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