How To Boot From A USB

July 10, 2017

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For more “Technologically Inclined” people, here is a quick tip or tutorial on how to boot from a USB. Maybe you want to wipe your hard drive using Boot and Nuke or installing a new OS like windows or Ubuntu, either way you need a USB. These little sticks are so useful and so portable and knowing how to boot from it makes life way easier. For this tutorial we are using Linux installation as a detailed example.




This obviously varies, the main things you need is a USB,Computer, and USB program. What you do with the USB depends on the size. When you install certain programs you will need different space requitements for each one. I recommend just getting a 32GB USB Flash Drive so that its more than plenty. To make your life easier I have a download to get the USB program.

Download USB Program

Since we are installing Linux Mint Cinammon, here is the download for it! – Note if the computer you’re installing on is 64 or 32-bit, choose the correct one.

Download Linux Mint 64-bit ISO

Download Linux Mint 32-bit ISO



Once you have your correct version of Linux Mint and your USB program you are ready to get started. First, plug in your USB drive into your computer. The next step is to open the USB program you installed.


In the first drop down box, find linux mint and select it. The next thing you do is click browse for the ISO on your computer; its on my desktop so its easier to find. The final step is to select the drive  your USB is in.

Basically, the letter of the USB you put in should be what you choose, sometimes it will even have the brand of the USB on it too. After that, you might see a gauge for how much space, I put 2GB of space taken just for maximum overkill.


Now, all you do is wait. The process will take some time, but when it’s done it’s done.



This part is more complicated for people that haven’t used computers and depending on the type of computer you own it will be easier. Here is how to do this step by step.


The first thing to do is simply plug in your USB when your computer is off. Then turn on your computer, when you see the logo tap f5 repeatedly or f11. If you can’t tell which one, just tap all the f keys and it should do something, (I know, classy).

For Dell computers if you see a blue bar timer press f12 for boot menu options. This process is hard because you have to find the right key and time it. If you want to know your key google your brand of computer and what bios key it is.


I know you’re confused as f*ck, so here is what to do. To navigate bios use the arrow keys and enter to select. Press the up key all the way up to the words at the top. Once you’re there tap right until you get to boot. Once your in boot, select 1st boot device or 1st boot priority. It will show a list of devices and you have to choose the USB drive first. It might even be better if you choose USB floppy first and then your USB drive second.

Once your done, go to exit and save while leaving. Now here is the fun part.


Tada, you now have booted from your USB! If you want to know how to install Linux onto your computer instead of using it from your USB here’s more!

“Linux Installation”



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