Tips You Should Know Before Playing Prey

June 8, 2017

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Prey is honestly a really hard game. If you want to get better or just have a way bigger advantage earlier on, you should read this. Prey is really hard even at the first mission when you have little to no health and no weapons. To prevent this, there are some handy tips to get tons of neuromods and most of the weapons off the bat. The game favors exploration.

#1. Disruptor Stun Gun


The Disruptor Stun Gun can be found in many places on the first map, but ill show you one that I found helpful. After you get the gloo gun, you’ll see a server box tilted over. Run up onto that platform and go to the very end. Once you’re there, use your gloo to “parkour” onto the second floor ledge. Once your up turn right and you will see a dead body of a scientist; grab his stun gun and his ammo.


#2. Shotgun


You can find the shotgun pretty early on in the Talos 1 Lobby. To get it you need to find your way into the security room. You can do this by climbing onto the yellow pipes on the sides of the security room hallway and find and opening to get inside directly over the desk. Simple.



#3. Huntress Boltcaster


Yes, this is indeed a nerf gun, but it can be used in more places than you think. You just can’t use it against phantoms (obviously). To Find this weapon is much more simple. Go to the sales division and find Kelly Randolph’s office. Once you’re there the weapon will be behind here desk.


Just find this sign in the sales division and there you are!

#4. NeuroMods


I pretty much told you all the weapons that weren’t in the open, but now it’s time for neuromods. There is an abundance of neuromods in the Talos 1 lobby.

First stash is in the room where you meet your first phantom. In that room there is a visible neuromod in glass, but there is a secret stash in the fire bell. The red bell near the entrance of the room has neuromods in it. Hit it three times and it will open.


Another Stash is in the same room where you got the shotgun. If you go in the door to Elias’s room you will see a desk. Look in the crack between the wall and the desk and you’ll find four neuromods.


If you go into the Teleconferencing center, you want to find Yuri Kimura’s office. In that office you will find four neuromods under the desk. You’ve already found 9 neuromods and there’s more to go.


A good place to get Neuromods is Morgan’s office. There are three blatantly there on his desk. No need for a tutorial when you have a mission to get there.


Another good hiding spot is in the I.T Security room. Beware, there are two phantoms in that room that will destroy you so be ready. Once you’ve killed everything, go into the office in the back and look in the cupboard. You will see one neuromod in there.


The last room with more neuromods is the trauma center. Again, take heed of the phantom in that room. Not only is it a phantom, but a fire bearing one. Once you’ve killed it, go to the body on the operating table and you’ll find a neuromod on his body.  Another neuromod in that room is in Mathias Kohl’s office. Unlock his monitor and reset the behavior test. This secret is really hard to find and I think is rather impossible. That is why i’m going to tell you the key sequence.

There will be another monitor before entering his office and that is where you take the test. To open the secret safe choose the following during the test : “A , C , B , A , C.”  There will be three neuromods inside the safe. All these neuromods will be enough to get you started.

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Prey is a tough game and tips every now and there are needed. These tips will help you in your alien endeavors! This is Interest and I’m Out!

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