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July 28, 2017

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I just want to tell you about a site that I find pretty interesting. It’s called Fatal Grips. This site has so many products, its unbelievable. You can get controller grips, console skins, gaming attire and more. This sounds like an Ad which it is, but just hear me out on some cool stuff these guys have.



Everything on this site is relatively Inexpensive. You can get controller grips and skins for like less than 10 bucks. Everything is designed to be inexpensive to you while also getting nice, quality products. You can get a cool *ss Captain America PS4 skin for 9 dollars. Use discount code, InterestGrips for even less than that.


There isn’t just console skins but controller cases too. As you can see above, that was just a bundle for less than 10 bucks, see what else you can get. You can get great controller skins for like 7 bucks and its not just Xbox controllers but Ps4 ones too. You can even get cool merch and energy drinks.



Discount Code : InterestGrips for 10% on Everything!

Enough of my rambling, enjoy the site and have fun getting all your cool gear. FatalGrips.com. Use Discount Code: InterestGrips for 10% on everything. There is even a buy one get one free for controller cases right now. 


Discount Code: InterestGrips

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