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July 27, 2017

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For all you League fans, including myself, here’s a special one for you guys. There will be new additions to the arcade skins including more battle bosses and to top that a new arcade map.



Let’s get into the skins. There are three new skins releasing for summoners rift. Battle Boss Brand, Malzahar and Ziggs. They look really good and here is a sneak peek at them.


Malzahar’s splash art looks really amazing. This is what he looks like in game.


We don’t have any splash art, but Brand is looking pretty good for a Battle Boss.


Finally, Ziggs skin is shown. Battle Boss Ziggs looks pretty cool and is based around bomber-man, obviously.




Arcade Map


As you’ve seen before, here is the arcade map. More will be shown in the future and there has to be many youtube clips released already. Everything is changed to arcade themes, even the minions. The only things unchanged are the dragons and jungle mobs. It is rumored that specific music will be made for the arcade map. This honestly makes me want to buy an arcade skin just to match this map.



Live Hard and Game Strong. This is Interest and I’m Out!

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