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August 19, 2017

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I haven’t been posting as much and I know that. The reason is pretty good though. Right now I am working on an amazing project for you guys! Its a new membership website to teach you guys different things on the internet. I will teach you how to make websites in HTML/CSS and even some J Query. I even teach how to make a blog just like this and share secrets on how I made this website scale and grow to how it is now. I will go over even broader topics like how to build computers and gaming PCs, even the concept of using WordPress and Aweber!

Don’t expect many post but, just know its for good reason. As an introduction, I will show you a snippet of information from the site. Its a simple Twitter Tutorial but you wouldn’t be surprised if you knew how many people still don’t know how to use it. This is only part one and is a rough draft, but here you go!

How To Setup Social Media Links: Twitter – Written

Twitter is actually quite simple to set up. Here is a quick tutorial on how to get started. Directions on the many ways to use Twitter will be present in the next post.



Signing Up

First things first, you have to sign up on Twitter. Go to the website I linked to here and just click Sign Up on the far top right. Once You hit sign up you will be prompted and asked to type in your Name, Email Address, and Password.

Email Creation

If you don’t have a gmail or proper email, its simple. Click on this link to go get an email! Fill out the appropriate information on the account and you should be set! Email done.

Profile Setup

Once You have signed up, you will see a place to add your phone number, that is totally optional and you can press skip. After that you will have to add in your Username. Let it be anything, your imagination should run wild.

Here is the interesting part, after you have chosen your username you will be asked to state your favorite subjects or genres. click everything that applies to you and then hit Continue. Afterwards, just hit the blue follow button on the far top right. Now your Twitter is all setup.

Next Post, How To Use and Create A Profile on Twitter.




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