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September 10, 2017

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Simply, this a word of advice. When you start something, complete it to the very end. You will feel accomplished and you will achieve success. Successful people really just took an idea and ran with it and stuck it out to the very end. If you have a passion or a goal or even just a financial decision, stick through it and you will have a reward. Even if there isn’t money involved the fact that you completed a multiple list of things will boost confidence. You gain abilities and skills when you just do it to the very end.




This seems kind of dumb, but right now I am on a “Journey of Completion”. I keep starting projects and idea that are really good, but stop halfway and go start another idea. I would be a successful and happy man if I just completed everything that I started from spurs of encouragement. This website is everything and I love giving such amazing content. Don’t go through what I’m going through right now. If you have a bunch of ideas, write them down and just complete the first one.



It’s like levels, you can’t just do all the levels in the video game at one time. Take is slow. Complete the first Idea or Project and it will support you in the long run for the other ideas too. I have so much amazing and creative content and projects I made for you guys, but I went in a little too fast and now it is biting me on the butt. Right now I am completing the things I started one project at a time.

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Success is just a matter of who can stick it out to the very end and who doesn’t. Most people are in really bad places due to outside issues, but if you blame yourself and try to fix it and complete yourself, you can complete anything.



Most people have really good million dollar ideas, if you have a  brain it will come naturally to you, the matter is if you actually do it and not just procrastinate. If you weather through a storm there usually will be a pot of gold at the end. Very corny, I get it, but it’s true.


Most of the best things come from sacrifice and hard work. I put a lot of time into this website and got a return, but only at a basic output. Everything you do is like an action, reaction. If you put this much time and effort into a certain thing you will get the amount of rewards equal to what you worked. If you put the time into something and work on it everyday and complete it, something will take flight. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, I will make post when I can. Don’t expect post everyday or everyweek until I am fully done with this journey. Hopefully, you will see this amazing message and go on this Journey of Completion With Me.



Live Hard, and Game Strong. This is Interest and I’m Out!

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