Are Video Games Dying?

July 12, 2017

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Video Games have influenced us for years, the main reason why this blog even started. Gaming is the bond that made people even come to this website. I have a problem with gaming though; video games don’t give me the same “high” as it used to. Over the years of gaming there were so many games that give you so much enjoyment that you can play them over and over.




Right now, all I see are a bunch a games that give you enjoyment for 1 hour and then you throw it away neglecting the child in your steam library. The shocker is, these are triple A title games. These games made by huge gaming companies show no enjoyment to me and I get bored rather easily. The funny thing is, playing games from 1990’s actually provides more excitement for me than now. I would play Ocarina of time and have a blast. I would play hours of Super Mario 64 and actually enjoy it. Don’t even get me started on the later games like Mario Sunshine and Donkey Kong. As I’ve grown up I began to play more “serious” tone games like GTA V or Assassins Creed. Surprisingly, these games have lost touch as well.


There are so many great games out there that sequels and time have just watered down franchises. A major one like Minecraft, that game was the best game ever created at the time, now its just a tasteless game with no direction. I wish to see more life into video games, not just some ploy to make more money. I wish to see games where I would legitimately finish. I hope that people have that same dream and can relate.



The games that I have the most fun playing right now are Breath of the Wild, Dead Cells, League of Legends, and lately Overwatch. These games are great, but there has to be more. I wish for a vast great singleplayer experience that will knock your socks off.


I wish for a game like Half-Life that I actually completed by the way. This may just be an opinion, but I feel video games are coming into an age of low attention span. I rarely see people even trying to grasp a story when playing games. When I play i’m deeply invested in what the characters are like and the story. Heck, people can’t even sit down and watch a 1 hour episode.



There are moments when you want a fast paced game and no chit-chat, but it just seems every game is like this now. This seems like a big ramble, but what do you think about this situation. Do you agree, comment below. Live Hard and Game Strong, This is Interest and I’m Out!


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